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Founded in 1986,

Siang Heng has evolve from a small offset printing firm to a one-stop print solution company handling from small quantity digital prints to large volume offset prints, solving customers various needs from designs exhibition management to marketing solutions to incorporating corporate identity.
In Siang Heng, we believe in lifelong partnership with our customers. Growing together with the customers and taking care of their every printing need while the customers can focus on their core business.
“Let us know your problem, and we will solve it for you.”
Recent years, global warming has greatly impacted our climate and the environment around us. We take it upon ourselves to contribute by reducing our carbon footprint in the course of our business through our MTI model.
(Material – Technology – Identify)
IDENTIFY – we discuss with clients on their requirement to identify if there is a better way to print or lower the quantity required
TECHNOLOGY – we invest in technology / machinery to reduce wastage in the course of production
MATERIAL – we encourage clients to switch to FSC certified materials or recycled materials for printing